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Pueri Domus offers learning pathways that enable each student to develop multiple skills within a comprehensive education. This education, in turn, comprises the key concepts of different areas of knowledge, with a focus on global connections, sustainability, socio-emotional intelligence and digital education.

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Escola Bilíngue Pueri Domus proposes to educate mindful individuals capable of making full use of their intellectual and leadership skills to assess and reassess their knowledge and contribute to the common good through their critical, creative and ethical participation, seeking dynamically to constantly develop themselves, the environment and human-environment relationships, guided by the principles of human respect.


Escola Bilíngue Pueri Domus, a center of leadership and excellence in education, is committed to building knowledge and ethical values, educating students to become world citizens capable of dreaming, creating and achieving.


To ensure the school’s philosophy and mission are respected and practiced, the following values are at the core of our action: ethics, respect for human beings, professionalism, responsibility, honesty, leadership, integrity and commitment.

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