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Integra Pueri Domus gathers families, students and teachers with different activities


Pueri Domus




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In March 2023, Preschool and Elementary students from all Escola Bilíngue Pueri Domus campuses and their families took part in the Integra Pueri Domus event, sharing happy moments while engaging in sports and play-based activities.

Organized by the physical education team, Integra Pueri Domus is held annually in all campuses of Escola Bilíngue Pueri Domus.

“The aim is to gather families at school to get a taste of what students do in physical education class”, notes Mr. Erick, physical education teacher.

At Integra Pueri Domus, families also experience activities of the After School courses.

“Families engage in various activities in which we have the opportunity to play with our children and also learn about all the activities they do in After School. It’s a very happy day for the whole family”, states Mariana, mother of the student Daniel.

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Beatriz, an alumni of Escola Bilíngue Pueri Domus, explains that the event encourages bonding and presents the most innovative aspects in the field of education.

“It is a pleasure to be here today at the school where I studied all my life, from the age of 2 to 17, and engage with my son in a very enjoyable activity for the family”, comments Beatriz, mother of the student Gustavo.

“I really like and identify with the school, with the activities, with the friends, with the teachers, the way they treat us and others”, says Fabio, father of the student Gustavo.

At the end of the event, the families gave suggestions to the school and highly rated the activities of Integra Pueri Domus, revealing their satisfaction with this year’s event and looking forward to future ones.

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