An annual event created in 1972 with the goal of encouraging our students to read. Most of the time, Feitek’s theme is aligned with UNESCO goals, which gives us the opportunity to work on “global issues”, thus consolidating the concept of a bilingual Brazilian school with an international mindset.

Current reality reveals clearly that schools need to consider new values and procedures for students to effectively learn. And that is exactly what Pueri does, always offering opportunities for them to be subjects of their own learning, capable of building their history, their identity... And *Feitek, an event aimed at encouraging reading, has shown that the social, historical and cultural context of the student-reader at the time of reading is significant not only for reading comprehension but also for the production of a personal discourse.

Now in 2022, our event returns to the face-to-face format, scheduled for April 30 at the Itaim Campus, May 7 at the Verbo Divino Campus and May 14 at the Aclimação and Perdizes Campuses, with the theme “Experiencing Languages”.

Enthusiasm is the word that defines us. After all, the school is a living organism, it is the key to human existence. Our teachers and students, it should be said, are excited with the chance to show what they do best... Don’t miss the opportunity to see up close the projects that are developed throughout the year, the skills that are explored daily... And being sure that the Pueri community will be at our side in this long-awaited return has kept us strong so far. Let’s continue together, making a difference in education.

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